Fall Events
Look to this column for the most important up-coming events. A reminder to also check out the online calendar and the Husky Express Online (links are in the right sidebar) for further details. Below are important dates to remember.  

Apr 25 -- Sport Awards Dinner

Apr 26 -- Executive Board Meeting 3:00 ~ 5:00 pm

April 29 -- Parent-Teacher-Student Conference Day & Coffee Morning -- Arts Presentation Morning 

May 5 -- Children's Day -- School Holiday 

May 6 -- National Holiday -- School Holiday 

May 8 - Parent Information Night: AP & IB Program Presentation

May 10 ~ 11 -- Board Training with Marc Frankel 9:00 am ~ 4:00 pm

May 10 ~ 13 -- Grade 9 Kyoto Trip

May 21 -- Board of Councilors Meeting     7:00 ~ 9:00 pm

May 31 -- Senior Service Trip (Thailand) 

Please visit the HIS Calendar for details on upcoming events.

Barry Ratzliff
Head of School

News and Announcements

Summer School 2014

We are excited to once again offer summer school
to the elementary and secondary school students of H.I.S.

Graduate Feature of the Week

This week HIS would like to feature Ms. Aria Ogawa (Graduating Class of 2009) and update the community on her progress over since she graduated. Aria graduated with excellent grades and entered University in Pennsylvania. Two years, however, she was accepted into F & M University, the same year that the university was ranked as the "4th Most Rigorous University/College" program in the United States. She excelled at F & M and states that her small-school experience at HIS taught her that it was a natural thing to get to know her teachers. This gave her an advantage as she had a first name-basis working relationship from which to engage with her professors in the classroom and when she was working hard on assignments and research. 

Aria’s hard work paid off after university graduation when she was nominated for a Fulbright Scholarship to begin her first job in Taiwan. Aria is a cultural ambassador in her teaching roles in Taiwan and is learning about herself, her host culture and the world in her new experience. Last word has it that she is going to continue another year in with Fulbright and we wish her the best as she continues to excel at the tasks that lies before her.