Oct 9~12 -- HS Girls Volleyball Tournament

Oct 13 -- Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences (no School)

Oct 15 -- PSAT (test) for US university-bound students

Oct 20~24 Fall Break

Oct 31 -- End of 1st Quarter
Nov 1 -- Fall Festival

Nov 3 Culture Day

Nov 22 Niseko Drama Performance

Nov 24 -- Labor Day (no school, PD day for teachers)

Nov 28 -- Sapporo Drama Performance @ Sumikawa Chiku Center (6:00 ~ 8:00)

Dec 4~7 -- MS Boys Basketball Tournament

Dec 12 -- International Day & Winter Celebration

Dec 19 ~ Jan 13 Winter Break

Jan 15~18 -- JV  Girls & Boys BB Tournament
Jan 22~25 -- HS Girls & Boys Tournament
Jan 30 -- End of First Semester (Report Cards)

Please visit the HIS Calendar for details on upcoming events.

Barry Ratzliff
Head of School

News and Announcements

HIS to Support the Terry Fox Run

HIS is proud to be supporting the Canadian Trade Commission and Professor Mark Hamilton (Tokai University) in operating the Terry Fox Run for the benefit of Cancer Research.

Terry Fox is a Canadian hero and cancer amputee who began a run across Canada to raise awareness of and funds for cancer research. Terry Fox was forced to stop his cross-country journey when he was approximately ⅓ of the way across Canada. In the spring of 1981 Terry died from the cancer that had returned and spread.  Mr. Fox’s legacy, however, has been the annual Terry Fox runs that are run all over the world  and continue the task that he set out to achieve.

To date, Terry Fox charitable runs have raised over ¥500,000,000 and the event has become a global one.

Sapporo used to have an annual Terry Fox run, however, insurance issues were a barrier to continuing. That problem has been solved and we are now very excited to have the run back here in Sapporo.

Come out and run, jog or walk to support cancer research. Commemorative tee shirts are available. HIS students and teachers will provide logistical and material support. Please consider attending this wonderful event.

For more information please see the following youtube video and website:



Terry Fox Organization:


n.b. As a senior in high school in Canada, I spent a wonderful leadership weekend at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre, learning and celebrating his accomplishments. I’ll be running on the 18th! Come out and join the fun!

Visit from the National Institute of Education (Singapore)  

Twelve members of Singapore’s main institution for teacher’s training came to visit Hokkaido International School last week. These educators were on a learning tour of Hokkaido and included HIS on their agenda. The visitors joined a tour of the school, took notes on the school’s curriculum and concluded their visit by observing lessons. They presented a plaque to commemorate their visit.

The leader of the visit, Mr. Jonah Lim, shared the group’s impression of HIS in an email that was sent after the visit. The ‘snapshot’ look is an important perspective on our strengths as a place of learning.

[From Mr. Lim]

We are back in Singapore.

Thank you for hosting us. The visit to HIS was an enriching experience for us. We have gained many insights from your sharing and the lesson observations. We have penned down some of our learning points and would like to share with you here.    

1. The multi-aged structure is well-established in the school. It is evident that teachers are very competent in carrying out that teaching structure in the classrooms and students are benefiting from it.

2.  The HUSKIES Framework is pervasive in the school culture. We see this framework being used as the school core values and overall student outcomes. The framework is being displayed prominently in the school compound and this sends a consistent message to the students.

(see next page)

3.  Use of Adaptive assessment – MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) is a good attempt by the school to remove the labelling of students in terms of being failures or "passers" as typical assessment modes would.  

4. Very strong and positive Teacher-Student relationships have been established in the school.

5. Commendable efforts by the school in engagement with parents.

6. Very impressed that the school counsellor is able to assess the learning ability of students for students with learning disability.

7. Concerted efforts to develop student leadership qualities through outdoor education benefit the students in the long run by building up their life-skills and value-adding to students’ portfolio.,

8. The school promotes a strong culture of teacher collaboration within and across disciplines.

9. We are honored to learnt that the schools uses Singapore Math curriculum for their lessons. From what we know, this is one of the best curriculum in the world, so good choice..... :P

We wish you all the best as you lead HIS to greater heights!

Husky Pluse