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    HIS Writes Competition 2024
    • Huskies Academics
    • Huskies Literacy

    HIS Writes was created in 2021 to pair with its companion HIS Reads (begun in 2015). It is a short story competition open to entries from all students in grade 6 and above. Created as a way to provide an avenue to bring student writing beyond the classroom, HIS Writes encourages student creativity through narrative writing, which many have argued stands at the heart of all writing. Our entire life, in fact, is a story that we are writing as we go. The better we plan and organize, the much easier the winding path of life is to follow.

    HIS Reads Competition 2024
    • Huskies Academics
    • Huskies Literacy

    Read about the events that took place surrounding HIS Reads during this year's literacy celebration!


    John Kamitsuka Makes His Annual Trip to HIS!
    • Huskies Arts
    • Huskies Community
    • Huskies Legacy Association

    World-renowned pianist, fantastic storyteller, Huskies founding class John Kamitsuka was back in Hokkaido for his annual visit to HIS!


    Exemplary Essay on Technology vs. Garden by Audrey Ishiyama
    • Advanced Placement
    • Huskies Academics
    • Huskies Character

    Read about Audrey's exemplary essay on "Technology vs. Garden" in AP Language and Composition Class, where she argues how we can achieve balance on the weighing scale between "machine" and "garden".


    Badminton Tournament
    • Huskies Athletics
    • Huskies Wellness

    The Huskies flew down to Kobe at the beginning of March to attend their second-ever badminton tournament. Check out their experience!


    Prom 2024: A Secret Garden
    • Huskies Community

    Prom is a major event for most high schoolers around the world. It's a formal dance that is hosted usually by the school or the student council, where all the high schoolers come together and dress up to celebrate the ending of the year at a party with band performances, games, dinner, and also an opportunity for the younger years to spend their last few moments with the seniors.


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