Mission & Vision


Mindful leadership and learning through academic pursuit, character development and global engagement


At HIS we believe in:

  • global engagement

  • growth for all

  • repeated positive struggle

  • the need for lasting connections between knowledge, skills and understandings 

  • experiential learning

  • learner-centered experiences

  • character-rich environment


Honest Learners and Leaders who

  • manage their lives with integrity  • make ethical and moral choices • are self-motivated and self-directed  • set high standards

Understanding Collaborators who

  • contribute to the betterment of groups  • analyze, evaluate and synthesize information  • work well with diverse individuals and situations  • actively participate in service

Solution Creators who

  • persevere   • self reflect   • demonstrate resilience and flexibility  • strive for innovation

Knowledgeable Thinkers who

  • show curiosity and interest in their world  • are confident and explore new experiences • demonstrate purposeful creativity  • use multiple resources for research

Internationally Minded Citizens who

  • display courtesy and respect for themselves and others  • are caring stewards of their own and the global environment  • transfer knowledge and skills to real-world situations • understand cultural and personal differences

Effective Communicators who

  • actively and empathetically listen, speak and discuss  • read and write critically and effectively  

  • purposefully use technology  • express themselves through the arts

Socially and Personally Responsible Individuals who

  • take ownership for their identity and actions  • demonstrate reliability and commitment    • manage personal resources  • pursue physical and mental health