HIS Staff

HIS aims to provide students with the highest caliber teaching professionals available. To this end, HIS hires fully qualified teachers who are trained in their field of expertise. Annually, the HIS Head of School assesses the hiring needs of the school and selects candidates in a process that can stretch over many months. This culminates with the Head of School interviewing candidates who meet HIS requirements for employment and who best fit the school’s needs. HIS endeavors to hire teachers who stimulate the whole HIS community with their new ideas and their perspectives. 


Head of School
Mr. Tim Schlosser

Mr. Neil Cooke

Elementary School

Early Years
Anne Boudreau

EY Assistant
Ayako Bossaer

Milepost 1
Eugene Sim

Milepost 1
Jenna Watson

Milepost 2
Anna Roberts

Milepost 2
Joey Brown

Milepost 3
Jesse Cribari

Milepost 3
Alison Manjyoume

Secondary School

MS Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science
Tricia Calhoon

Language Arts and AP Capstone
Jared Pangier

MS Social Studies, Science and Math
Nick Fazio

Language Arts and ELL
Seth Beatty

History and AP Capstone
Laura Harmon

Math and Outdoor Ed
David Piazza

Mark Gamertsfelder

Alberto Motomochi

Neil MacLean

All School

Receptionist & Japanese Teacher
Yukari Kaizawa

Athletic Director
Physical Education

Justin Rankin

Misa Asai

Akemi Ichikawa

Kirin Sugino

Music Jazz Band
Yutaka Sugino

School Staff

Business Manager
Eri Kashiwabara

Receptionist & Japanese Teacher
Yukari Kaizawa

Student Finances & Records Officer
Yuko Kanehira

Administrative Assistant
Hirotake Tawaraya

Buildings and Grounds Manager/Custodian
Daisuke Morimoto

IT Coordinator
Hajime Katayama

Eoin Loughran

Toshio Watanabe

Bus driver
Toshio Watanabe