HIS makes use of multiage instruction across the entire school in 2 year bands (K-5), a three year band in the MS (6-8) and a 2 year bands in the HS (9-10 and 11-12). Multiage instruction allows students who are ready to be challenged academically and reach for a higher standard of achievement. Likewise, it allows teachers to create differentiated learning groups that reach the learning styles and needs of all students.

In the secondary school, all instruction is differentiated according to Honors, Standard and Developing options within the class. HIS places emphasis on its core subjects as well as music and experiential (particularly outdoor) education. HIS has the highest credit requirement for graduation among international schools in Japan.

The Faculty 

HIS Sapporo has 20 full time and 6 part time teachers, Pre K-12. The upper school has 17 teachers, 7 of whom share time in elementary. Teachers on staff come from the USA, Canada, Australia, Peru, Bulgaria, and Japan. Of the secondary staff, 70% have advanced degrees. Student/Teacher ratio in the upper school is approximately 10:1 and class size average is about 17 pupils per class.

The School Year 

The HIS school year is 180 days long and is divided into semesters. HIS follows a rotational, A-day B-day block schedule with 4 blocks on each day. The school year begins in mid-August and ends in mid-June with a one-week fall break in October, a three-week winter break in December/ January, and a one-week spring break in March.