Music program
Music program

Art Program

Art Classes

The High School and Middle School Art course focus on exploring the basic elements & principles of art through a variety of 2-D and 3-D art mediums.  Through the process of art, this exploration will come to life by means of an array of projects that help to build student’s problem-solving capabilities.

The class is designed as a project-based course that maintains flexibility allowing the teacher to create projects based on various factors such as student interest, student’s previous art experience, cross-curricular opportunities, guest artist, museum/gallery experiences, time-periods in art history, regional art styles, and artist-studies.

AP Art & Design

AP Art & Design Students can choose from 3 courses: AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing. The goal of each course is to create a portfolio of college-level work and submit it for evaluation that could lead to college credit and/or advanced placement. Each of the portfolios contains two sections: the Sustained Investigation which requires students to conduct an inquiry-guided investigation through practice, experimentation, and revision, and the Selected Works section is expected to demonstrate a skillful synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas. Using the AP framework, each student works with their teacher to design their own course aligning with their own interests.

Music Classes

The HIS music department's mission is...

To empower all students to experience artistic energy in music.

What is artistic energy? It's the goosebumps we feel when we cannot tear our eyes away from the performer. It's the surge of emotion we feel when listening to a word or note sung with utmost care and vulnerability. It's the thrill of standing on stage in front of people we know and don't know, but standing together with friends - having so much to prove and so much to be proud of. This energy is what we would like to pass on to each of our students so that they can truly enjoy music with their whole being.

We open the door for a high-quality musical education that is exciting and challenging, enabling students to pursue both professional musical careers as well as enhance their general musical knowledge, appreciation, creativity, and performance. No matter what the student decides, it is essential to us that all of our students receive a meaningful musical experience each school year, and that they are inspired to reach excellence in the quality of their work.

Concerts, ensemble recitals, and assemblies are just some of the ways students can perform in front of the wider school and Sapporo communities. As a whole school, we have produced one major joint concert each year at the Sapporo Concert Hall, Kitara. We believe that students grow the most through the hard work and diligence put into a performance, allowing younger students to see and strive towards reaching the standard of performance of their older peers. We hope to see you at our concert!

May the music be with you..