The four-year high school curriculum at HIS is taught through two multiage groupings: Grades 9 and 10, and Grades 11 and 12. In the high school, the curriculum is designed with the diverse range of learning and English language needs of our students in mind.

Students are offered a wide range of course options as well as options within courses to approach the content at different levels of rigor-- including Developing, Standard, Honors, and AP levels. 

High School Curriculum

Language Arts and Social Studies

Students are taught in two multi-age groups in Language Arts and Social Studies classes. Grade 9-10 students complete a two year cycle including Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Literature, followed by Modern World History and Modern Literature. Students are given the option of taking the AP World History exam in 10th grade.
For Social Studies credit, Grade 11-12 students have the option of taking AP Human Geography, U.S. History (with an AP option), or AP Psychology. For Language Arts, students have the option of taking an 11-12 Literature course in which students design their own individualized reading and learning program or participating in the AP Capstone Seminar and Research series.
In Language Arts and Social Studies classes, ELL students are supported through push-in and co-teaching methods in their mainstream classes.

Science and Math

All 9th grade students take a 9th grade fundamentals course called the Nature of Science. After this course, 10-12 grade students have the options of taking standard level courses in Biology and Chemistry (offered on a two year rotation) or AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology (offered in rotation).
In math, students will enter into the appropriate course based on their incoming math skills in the following sequence: Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Algebra II. After completion of Algebra II, students may take Precalculus, Practical Math, and/or AP Calculus.

Outdoor Education and Electives

All high school students participate in 2 outdoor overnight trips throughout the year. Additionally, students may opt to take an 9-10 grade Outdoor Education class or an 11-12 grade Outdoor Leadership class.  
High school students must gain 2 language credits through the study of Japanese, Spanish, or if required, an additional block of ELL support. Students also have the following elective options: Publications, Visual Art, AP Art, Choir, Dance, Keyboarding, Beginner Band, Advanced Band, Design, and P.E.

Character Development and Extracurricular Involvement

Throughout the elementary, middle, and high school, HIS helps students to develop their character--both through explicit instruction and through experiential opportunities. In the elementary school, character education is approached through the lens of the Virtues Project, which dovetails with the schoolwide learner outcomes, or HUSKIES, which are emphasized at the middle and high school levels. At the culmination of high school, students will complete a Character Development Graduation Portfolio, which showcases the ways in which each individual student has grown in their character through their learning and participation in activities at HIS. Additionally, all students must gain extra-curricular involvement credit (EIR) in order to graduate.

More HIS High School Information

For a list of credit requirements for graduation please see the Community Handbook available on the Downloadable Documents page.