Huskies Athletics @ Hokkaido International School

Background Information

Hokkaido International School’s athletic teams play as, “The Huskies”, a suitable mascot for our student-athletes based on the animal’s playful, active, and outgoing personality. Furthermore, given our snowy, winter climate here in Hokkaido, Huskies are ideally suited for outdoor pursuits, one of our school pillars. Hokkaido International School is a member of the Western Japan Athletics Association, a sports conference comprised of over 15 different international schools around the country. In addition to participating in WJAA-sanctioned events throughout the year, the Huskies also engage in exhibition matches versus local Japanese schools in the Sapporo area when schedules align.

We aspire to develop student-athletes who:

  • are respectful and coachable at all times; 
  • demonstrate commitment to team and studies;
  • develop the knowledge, habits, and intrinsic drive to lead a healthy lifestyle through sport and physical activity. 

The athletics program at HIS is designed to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to build athletic skills and character in a supportive and challenging environment. Competing for the Huskies creates pride and excitement within our school community. 

“We are Huskies!”

Athletics Program Structure

Our athletics program here at HIS operates on a four-season schedule with each season lasting roughly 8-10 weeks. Most teams practice between 2-3 times per week after school and sometimes on weekends. 

Our coaching staff is made up of qualified, dedicated individuals who generously give their time and energy to our student-athletes in the name of growth and development. All coaches undergo child protection training as well as sport-specific training to help them lead high-quality training sessions. 

Our four-season model exposes student-athletes to a variety of sports throughout the year. 


Our gymnasium accommodates basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsal, and other sports/activities. 

The strength & conditioning space allows our athletes to train year-round in a safe, properly supervised environment. 

2023-24 Huskies Athletics Teams