Middle School at HIS

Welcome to Hokkaido International School's Middle Years Programme, where our educational philosophy centers on cultivating globally-minded, independent, and versatile individuals. At the heart of achieving this vision lies the pivotal role of IMYC, primarily focused on Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Art. Tailored for students aged 11-16, this curriculum provides a distinct and thorough learning journey, equipping students for an ever-evolving world. 

Language Arts

In the Middle School years, Language Arts enables students to slow down and concentrate on fundamental and pertinent concepts and skills in reading, writing, and speaking. Through the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), students will have frequent opportunities to deeply engage with texts, sources, and data, tackling compelling higher-order questions and challenges. Students develop critical thinking and directly prepare them for the demands of Pre-AP and AP classes, establishing a solid foundation for advanced academic pursuits.

Social Studies

In the IMYC middle school social studies class, students embark on an engaging journey through history, geography, and civics. This course enables them to explore a variety of historical periods, from ancient to modern, and develop knowledge of significant events in specific times and places. Emphasizing critical analysis skills, learners identify bias in primary and secondary sources, vital for becoming adept historians. Students cultivate a global perspective, recognizing the interconnectedness of the past and the diverse worldviews that shaped it. Through this exploration, students gain empathy and understanding for people of different eras, fostering a sense of global awareness and appreciation for our shared belonging. By encouraging critical thinking and informed citizenship, this course empowers students to contribute positively to their communities as responsible and empathetic global citizens.


In Middle School Science at Hokkaido International School, students embark on a captivating exploration of the living and non-living elements that shape our world. Through a comprehensive curriculum encompassing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth science, and Environmental science, students gain a deeper insight into the intricate mechanisms governing our universe. The IMYC curriculum further enriches this scientific exploration. Students engage with a curriculum designed to foster holistic development, nurturing their cognitive, social, and emotional growth. By delving into science through the IMYC framework, students not only cultivate a global perspective but also gain insights into how different cultures, beliefs, and historical contexts influence scientific inquiry. This comprehensive approach underscores the interconnectedness of our world's past, present, and future, emphasizing the vital role of responsible stewardship in safeguarding the well-being of our planet.

Physical Education

In grades 6-8, our student-athletes complete a year-long course in Physical Education. Students learn about the rules, equipment, and tactics of a variety of sports such as soccer, volleyball, badminton, dodgeball, baseball, and track and field to name a few. They engage in friendly competition with their peer group and these in-house competitions allow the student-athletes to showcase their skills against their classmates. In addition, there are many special events put on by the P.E. department throughout the academic year including our Cross-Country Run at Makomanai Park, Ice Skating Days at Tsukisamu Gymnasium, Ski & Snowboard Days at Fu's Ski Resort, and finally our annual Sports Day here on campus. Furthermore, as part of the Middle School P.E. curriculum, there is a unit on Sexual Health and Wellness, which is based on the FLASH health curriculum used in Seattle-area schools. We recognize the important role that physical activity and sports literacy play in our lives and do everything we can to promote a healthy lifestyle for our young Huskies!


The IMYC provides comprehensively developed units of study in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Visual Art. Each unit also provides instructional connections for integrating aspects of music, physical education.  Individual subject teachers collaborate together with other subject area teachers to deliver each unit of study.

For more information on the IMYC please visit their website at: International Middle Years Curriculum.
Prerequisite courses for the middle school are as follows: Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science and Physical Education.
Many Middle School courses can be taken at an Honors level.

What is the IMYC?


Middle school students have three areas of electives, language, arts and music. The majority of students will choose between Spanish or Japanese language studies. At the discretion of the English Language Learning Coordinator, students in need of English language development will take the ELL classes during the language study block. The other two electives can be chosen from the following; visual art, design, choir, band. 

For more information on courses, please review the course descriptions found in the community handbook.

More HIS Middle School Information

Students and parents are encouraged to read the Community Handbook for further information about Middle School at Hokkaido International School.  This handbook can be found on the downloadable document page.