Hokkaido International School summer School 2021

Summer School 2021


Join us at Hokkaido International school summer program to learn so much, both indoor and outdoor where you can enjoy the weather and the nature here.


Through collaborating with people from different backgrounds, we make our learning meaningful and rich through developing ideas together, expanding it further.

Having Fun!

We believe children learn best when they are having fun so we will make sure that while they are learning, they enjoy their time here with us!

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Week 1: June 21 – 25
Week 2: June 28 – July 2
Week 3: July 5 – 9
Week 4: July 12 – 16


Tuition Fees

¥26,300 / 1 week
¥42,000 / 2 weeks
¥57,800 / 3 weeks
¥70,000 / 4 weeks



Early Years
Lower Elementary
Upper Elementary

*** Insurance for non HIS students + ¥2,000

Note: All payments to Summer School must be made through bank transfer.

International transfer fees are to be borne by the sender.


Ms. Kristin Dixit

Early Years

Mrs. Miyuki Beatty

Lower Elementary

Mr. Seth Beatty

Upper Elementary

Ms. Laura Harmon


Mr. Jared Pangier




EARly years (ages 3-5) - Pretend play with ms. Dixit & Mrs. Rafter

You might have noticed young children engaged in pretend play as they let their imagination run wild. Pretend play may seem like a simple task, however it requires a lot of understanding and skills. Through pretend play, children learn new ideas, pick up new vocabulary, interact with others, solve problems as well as build confidence. The best part is, it is super fun! Under this unit, the children will be making puppets, engaging themselves in plays, making music, and listening and telling stories.

Lower elementary - Fun with games and sports with mrs. beatty

We play to learn. We play to have fun. However, play can also make other aspects of our lives better. It can help us build a solid foundation of mathematical thinking and great communication skills. In this unit, the students are going to learn about basic concepts of numbers through games, enhance their interpersonal relationships and create a positive growth mindset. All of these could be accomplished through play and games. They will also get creative by inventing their own sport or game. We hope that by the end of Summer School, the elementary students will realize the importance of PLAY and that they will continue to lead a "playful" life.

Upper elementary - The World with mr. beatty

Let’s learn about the world! Do you know how people dress in other countries? Do you know what animals you can see in other countries? Why are countries shaped the way they are? In this unit, students will explore human and physical geography from around the world. In addition to learning geography through games and fun projects, students will learn about important historical events and the people involved. By the end of the summer, students will have a deeper understanding of the world and their place in it.

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Secondary School


Imagining the Future through Philosophy, Storytelling, and Investigation

This year, secondary students will have the opportunity to engage with questions about what our future might look like through two 2-week-long units while building their essential academic skills of reading, writing and math. 
In the first unit, Ms. Harmon will introduce students to some basic philosophical concepts to help ponder, discuss, and develop an answer to the question "What does it mean to be human?" Students will build reading comprehension through exposure to complex texts, which they will use to apply philosophical concepts to real world dilemmas regarding the future of humanity and technology. By the end of the first two weeks, students will develop a personal creative project that provides an answer to the guiding question "What does it mean to be human?"
Their answers to the question will help students navigate the second two-week unit with Mr. Pangier, which will be driven by a second question: "How do we define LIFE?"  Students will broaden their understanding of speculative futures through their reading of a self-selected science fiction novel (options available from the school library but feel free to bring your own novel) combined with a reading of future city essays, research on Mars, and discussions of how LIFE can be defined. Combined with this literacy and perspective development, students will work through a series of Space Math, all culminating in a creative project where students design a future civilization on Mars complete with city planning and a working constitution. 
In addition to work in the morning related to the unit questions, students will work in the afternoon on reading, writing, or math work that they and their parents decide on—high school students may request SAT-specific preparation during this time. High school students may also engage in course recovery work or towards completion of an online course. The gym will also be made available for students to use responsibly for 1–1.5 hours each day, where they can play basketball, volleyball, or badminton.
Additionally, one field trip excursion will be planned for each week of summer school. Past trips have included the Sapporo Art Park, the Hokkaido museum, and the Hokkaido Historical Village.
Students will be expected to attend from 9:00–15:00 each day; however parents may opt in to a morning only program (there is no discount for this). A typical day may look like this: 
  • 9:00-10:30 Whole class lesson or activity related to unit 
  • 10:30-10:40 Break
  • 10:40-12:00 Individual or group work towards unit project
  • 12:00-12:45 Lunch
  • 12:45-14:35 Time to work on academic skills, SAT prep, or projects
  • 12:45-14:15 Gym open
  • 14:35-14:55 Sustained Silent Reading Time
  • 15:00 Dismissal


Please contact the Summer Coordinator, Mr. Ian Aseltine at:


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