Admissions Policy and Process

Admissions Policy

HIS is a school dedicated to serving the expatriate community of Sapporo and Hokkaido, as well as others pursuing a western style education. Admission applications are reviewed and decided on by an Admission Committee consisting of two or three staff members and chaired by the Head of the School. This group will also make initial grade-placement decisions.

Priorities in admission are given to the following in order of preference

  • The children of expatriates from English-speaking countries
  • The children of expatriates from other countries
  • Japanese returnees (a returnee is defined as someone who has completed at least two years of western style education overseas)
  • The children of Japanese parents who can demonstrate a compelling need for a western style education

HIS, as a western style educational school, expects parents to

  • Take an active role in the life of the school (i.e. attend and take part in school/ PTA activities)
  • Be able to communicate with the teachers and staff in English work with your child at home in your native tongue (i.e. encourage reading; help with homework, etc.)
  • While HIS cannot admit students with profound learning difficulties, HIS may be able to accommodate students with mild special needs. Continued enrollment at HIS is always dependent upon a student’s satisfactory achievement, behavior and effort.

Admissions Process

  1. Complete HIS Application Form, one per child. Assemble comprehensive school records, including current report cards and those from the previous two years of schooling, standardized test scores, and a recommendation from at least one teacher. Include medical and inoculation records. Proof of student’s age must be included. Have translated into English, if necessary.
  2. Call to schedule an admissions interview.* Most interviews will be held at 3:30 after school. The interview fee is ¥15,000, to be paid at the time of the interview. At least one parent must accompany the student to the interview. The interview will be conducted in English. * We recommend (and may request) that parents observe classrooms to gain a clear understanding of HIS teachers’ expectations for student behavior and academic work.
  3. Immediately prior to the interview, students in third grade and above will be asked to complete a writing sample. Please arrive 30 minutes before your interview time to complete the writing sample.
  4. The interview will take from 30 minutes to two hours. Elementary students will be interviewed by a committee which includes the Elementary coordinator, the grade-level teacher, and one special subject teacher. Secondary students will be interviewed by a panel of three teachers. The Head of School sits on all admissions committee meetings. Students for whom English is not the first language will also interview with the ESL teacher.
  5. At the conclusion of the interview, the committee will determine whether or not to grant admission. A student may be admitted, denied admission, or–in some cases–admitted on a probationary basis. Probationary admission means that the student will be admitted for a few months at the conclusion of which time his/her admissions will be reviewed by all of his/her teachers. Admission can, at that time, be revoked.
  6. All decisions of the admissions committee are final; students are welcome to apply again in the future.
  7. If a student is admitted, parents should arrange for immediate payment of the first school bill, which will include the entrance fee. Upon payment, students may begin attending classes at HIS.
  8. Dormitory students and their parents must interview with the dorm parents, and read and sign the dormitory residence agreement before enrolling.

If you have any questions, please contact HIS.

Tim Schlosser
Head of School