School Bus

School Bus

School Bus

We are very fortunate to have Mr. Watanabe with us again this year. Mr. Watanabe is a very caring, careful gentlemen who looks out for the safety of our bus children. Not only does he have safe driving record, he also supervises the maintenance of the buses and school vehicles, making sure that they operate reliably. The HIS community is grateful for their continued service.
Information regarding bus fees and general rules of the bus follows. Please review.

HIS School Bus Information

Hokkaido International School operates a bus route to and through the Maruyama / Miyanomori districts of the school and back. The bus stops are conveniently located in these popular residential districts and the other districts of the city through which the bus runs. 

Bus fee payment
One student yearly rate is (1 or 2 children) ¥120,000
Family yearly rate is (3 children or more) ¥260,000
  • Bus fees are payable by the year or by the quarter. Please pay by the first day of each quarter. If your family leaves HIS during the year, bus fees will be refunded on a quarterly basis; fees will be refunded for any full paid quarter for which your child will not be riding the bus.
  • Please report to Ms. Kanehira in the main office if your student will stop riding the bus or otherwise change his or her bus riding to and from school.


  • Please call the bus driver if your child will miss the bus due to tardiness or absence. The bus driver's cell phone numbers are: Mr. Watanabe 090-3891-1331
  • Bus Behavior (Please review these rules with your student riders): 
  • Enforcement of bus riding rules will continue to be enforced as follows:
  • If a child violates the bus rules once, parents will be called. 
  • A second infraction will result in a one-day suspension from the bus. 
  • A third infraction will result in a one-week suspension from the bus.

If you have any questions about the bus system, please contact HIS by phone at (11) 816-5000 or email at