Financial Aid

Niseko Financial Aid Program 

Financial Aid is monetary assistance provided by HIS Niseko to reduce educational costs to families. Financial aid is provided on the basis of financial need, which is defined as the difference between educational expenses and a family’s ability to pay those expenses. Since eligibility is based on many factors and each family has differing situations and financial circumstances, it is not possible to determine a specific income level at which a family is eligible or ineligible for aid.

HIS Niseko is committed to offering some degree of financial assistance to families that demonstrate financial need in paying tuition. First and foremost, consideration is given to students who have no educational alternatives in Niseko. Ordinarily, this limits eligibility to students who are not subsidized by their parents’ employers or by other parties.

Each year, the school will allocate 20% of the Funds generated by our Corporate and Personal Financial Aid Fundraising drive. Some families require assistance beyond what the program can offer, and unfortunately HIS Niseko is not able to meet all of the needs of all applicants.

Allocation of Funds

Applying for financial aid does not guarantee that you will be eligible to receive it. Conversely, simply being eligible does not guarantee that there will be financial aid available. The amount of aid offered by the school depends on each family’s financial circumstances, the funds available, and the school’s policies. Since a majority of the school’s funds are awarded prior to summer holiday and allocated at the start of the school year, the application timing is also another factor.

Funding for the HIS Niseko Financial Aid program will come from one source: donations through our Corporate and Personal Donation Program. 20% of the funds received during our drive will be allocated to the following school year's Financial Aid Program. The remaining 80% will be allocated to the next academic school year in order to ensure sustainability.

Any increase in the amount of student aid can be directly supported by increased amounts of our Corporate or Personal donations through enhanced fundraising efforts.

Determination of grant assistance is based on a computational model that is similar to ones used in other school financial aid programs and on the professional judgment of the Financial Aid Committee regarding special circumstances of applicant families. The typical award amount covers 10 % to a maximum of 50% of tuition and is only valid for one academic year.

Important Considerations

1. Know the Deadlines

For each academic year, Financial Aid applications for HIS Niseko are due by June 1st. Only if a family applies for admission to the school after this date, or if a family suffers unexpected reversals in their finances that affect their ability to make outstanding tuition payments during the course of the school year, will exceptions be made to this deadline.

However, since a majority of the funds are earmarked for distribution prior to the start of the school year, new applicants are strongly encouraged to apply well in advance of June 1.

Applicants submitting documents after the deadline will only be eligible for any remaining funds.

2. Consider ALL the costs

Knowing the true cost of a full year of education will help you plan your finances. Additional costs include one-time building and annual capital fees, and other annual expenses such as transportation, lunch, additional English language support, sports, and travel fees for retreats, field-trips and other club activities or
trips. Please note that the HIS Niseko Financial Aid Program covers ONLY the cost of tuition. All families of students at HIS must pay all annual and one-time fees in full at the time of admission.

3. Remember that aid is awarded annually

Families receiving financial aid must reapply each year in order to be eligible for continuing financial aid. HIS Niseko will make every effort to continue to provide financial assistance at comparable levels when need warrants.

Criteria for Aid

Financial aid is based on a full year’s enrollment and tuition. Should your child(ren) withdraw during the school year, the financial aid amount will be prorated.
Students receiving aid are expected to observe accepted standards of social behavior and to progress satisfactorily in their academic programs. Students receiving aid who are on disciplinary or academic probation will receive future financial assistance grants on a semester basis until their probation status is remedied. Future grants may be withheld if their probation persists.

Families receiving aid are expected to perform some voluntary services for the school on a regular basis. The aid application allows parents the opportunity to list service areas where they feel most qualified to volunteer.

Families receiving aid are expected to support the school’s fundraising efforts. All parents are asked to contribute to the Corporate and Personal Fundraising Drive either monetarily or through volunteer efforts. As direct beneficiaries of this program, applicants are expected to understand the spirit of such a fundraising program, and to support the fund as much as possible.

Administration of the Program

The school’s policies on financial aid are determined by the Executive Board and are administered by a Financial Aid Committee made up of school administration and other members appointed by the board.
Processing financial aid applications and managing the program’s records and communications are responsibilities of the school administration, specifically the office of the Head of School. After enrollment, all inquiries and questions regarding the Financial Aid program should be directed to the Head of School's office.

The Application Process

1. Contact the Niseko Office.

Application forms for financial aid are available at the entry of the school office.
All matters concerning financial aid (inquiries, applications, and decisions) will be handled confidentially.

2. Apply Simultaneously for Admission AND Financial Aid

Students must be viable candidates for admission before beginning the financial aid process.
Submit all financial aid documentation via mail to the Sapporo office, together with all admissions materials in a separate envelope.

Sapporo Office Address:
1-55, 5 jo 19 chome
Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku
Sapporo, JAPAN 062-0935

3. Submit ALL documents ON TIME

Applications will NOT be considered until all required documentation has been submitted.
Identify ALL income sources anticipated for the school year, including support from family, friends, and relatives.
Provide accurate figures from the MOST RECENT taxation period.

* Provide a certified “Income and Tax Statement/Certificate” issued by your local government or tax authority.
* If a certified “Income and Tax Statement/Certificate” is not available, obtain one from your employer.
* If your tax is withheld in Japan, your statement should represent the year ending the previous December 31.

4. Await Notification

Notification regarding financial aid will be sent to applicants as soon as possible before the start of the school year.