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EY News 11/8

Dear EY Families, 

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

We had another fun-filled week in the EY classroom. Here is what we got up to:

Five little Pumpkins Performance 
After our last Zoom call with our Sapporo friends (before the break), our little ones asked if they could teach them a dance/song in our next session. Thus this is what we did! Our friends practised their song and created an incredible backdrop for their performance. A video of the performance is on Storypark.

This week, our friends in Sapporo shared with us a song they had been learning called "Down By the Bay." This song introduced our little ones to rhyming words. Thus we practised coming up with rhyming words throughout the week. Some of our young learners are starting to develop their listening skills and can capture the ending of words. Identifying and producing words that rhyme are essential skills to build children's phonological awareness so we will continue our learning in the following weeks. 

Measuring Ourselves:
After a long break away from school, our friends returned keen to see if they had grown. So, we went up to our wall where our heights from August were recorded and plotted our new heights. They were thrilled to see that they indeed had grown taller. This interest in height led us onto an inquiry looking into how we can measure ourselves and the world around us. 

Pumpkin Observations: 
Much to our excitement, our tiny pumpkin seed had germinated and sprouted! Our friends are very intrigued to see how it will grow and have been diligently watering the jars/pots every day.  

Magic Potion Experiments:
Keeping in theme with the Halloween spirit, our little ones created magic potions today. They were each given red, blue, and yellow jars filled with a magic solution (vinegar) and a special powder (baking soda) to concoct their magic potions with. They watched in awe as their rainbow potions erupted! 

Please refer to Storypark for visual learning documentations. 

Blankets for Quiet Time
As our cold winter months are approaching, please could you kindly pack a blanket for your child that they can use during quiet time. 

Library Books 
Our friends have borrowed their library books for the holiday, please kindly return the books by 5th November.

Ms Emily