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Financial Assistance Fund Drive

We are proud to kick off our yearly fund drive for financial assistance. Please kindly check your email inbox for information on how to donate to our school’s Financial Assistance Fund. 
Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the program:

Why does HIS Niseko provide a scholarship program?

Financial Assistance is an effective tool to improve recruitment and maintain our level of education for our students. Financial Assistance allows deserving students to attain their educational goals, meet their objectives and succeed to their fullest ability.

Q. Who does HIS Niseko ask for support?

We gently ask Niseko regional corporations, parents, current teachers, staff and friends. HIS Niseko kindly wants everyone in its community to be a supporter of our school.

Q. What does HIS Niseko do with my donation?

Essentially, your donation provides financial aid so selected students, with a compelling need for an international education, may attend HIS Niseko.

Q. Am I recognized for my donation?

A generous funding base is the key to development and maintenance of an ongoing Financial Assistance program. Throughout the year, HIS Niseko publishes the names of individuals and corporations who support the program.

Q. What are the benefits to donating money to Niseko Community and Corporate Scholarship Fund?

Your donation helps HIS continue a positive relationship with the Niseko community, helps sustain the desirability of Niseko as an international destination for investment and living, while improving the learning for each student at HIS Niseko.

Q. How are the scholarships awarded?

Financial Assistance applications are reviewed and granted by the Financial Assistance Committee of the HIS Executive Board and are awarded each year towards the end of May. 

Q. How much money is appropriate to give?

Gifts of any size are much appreciated. 

Q. Are gifts tax deductible?

Yen gifts over ¥5,000 are eligible for tax deductibility under the special designated tax status (tokuzo) that HIS Niseko has received. Donations over this amount that are less 40% of an individual's taxable income are allowed. Corporations may deduct double the normal permitted amount for taxable donations.

HIS Niseko issues receipts for yen donations.

Q. How does it work for the company?

Under the authorised agreement corporations that participate in the CCP by making an agreed donation enable the school to fund special corporate scholarships which are awarded to the dependent children of the companies’ employees. These scholarships are not taxable as personal income in Japan and so the corporations avoid the substantial grossing up tax impact that would arise if they paid, or reimbursed, regular tuition fees which are regarded as a taxable benefit. The precise tax savings are contingent on the employee’s income and other considerations, and can be analysed only by those in the company who are most familiar with the employee’s tax status, or their tax advisors.

For more information, please contact Barry Mernin.