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Open House (School in Session) 

Our annual Open House is scheduled this September 23rd, from 08:30-09:50 AM and again from 10:20 AM to 11:40 AM. 

During Open House, our school will operate as usual, allowing prospective families to visit the school, receive a tour,

 learn about the school’s educational programs, and observe lessons. 

HIS parents may visit to observe classes. Please understand that this is not the best time for one on one conversations, 

as our teachers will be engaged in learning alongside our students. 

1st Session: 08:30-09:50 

Current Parent Community Visitors 

For current HIS Niseko parents, please contact and  if you would like to visit. 

2nd Session:10:20-11:40 

Prospective Family Visitors with a tour hosted by Principal, Barry Mernin. 

We kindly request that visitors stay outside of our EY (Early Years) classroom so as to not disrupt the learning for our littlest ones. 

We look forward to welcoming guests from the community. Please note that face masks are required in the HIS building 

and that guests will be asked to check their temperature and confirm they have no symptoms of illness upon entry.  

We hope to see you there!

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