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Every child deserves joy. 

This December 17, for the 8th Christmas in a row, HIS Niseko Santa Project will deliver packages of requested gifts to the child residents of local group homes based in Iwanai and Rankoshi. HIS Niseko’s friends, Rie Pickering and Ami Small began this project many years ago. We are proud to build upon their founding achievements. 

HIS Niseko Santa Project exists solely to deliver joy to local children in need. We do this by providing holiday presents to children residing in group homes in Rankoshi and Iwanai. Through the thoughtfulness of our contributors and our volunteers, all donations go directly to support Santa Project. 
As we do for every Christmas season, we again humbly request donations of money to buy:

  • toys
  • stationary
  • socks
  • gloves and towels
  • Christmas cakes

We gently request a small donation of money so that HIS Niseko can order the above items via online purchase. HIS Niseko organizes student volunteers to tag each gift. Santa Claus then delivers the gifts and Christmas cake on December 17th. 
When you donate, in the HIS Niseko Santa Project tradition, your donation makes a positive impact on the lives of local children in need.
Below are two bank accounts where you may kindly deposit any donation:
#Post Office Bank (Yucho)  Branch 908 
Normal account 19946851 サンタノヘルパー

Post Office Bank ATM 19060-19946851          
# Hokuyo Bank Kutchan branch
Ordinary account 3612218 サンタノヘルパー   

In-person donations of money can be made to our administrative assistant,  Liene Lase.
Please send any questions or comments to:

  • Santa Project

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