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Welcome to 4th quarter

Dear HIS Community,

Welcome to the 4th quarter, and welcome to several new students and families at both the Sapporo and Niseko campuses.  I know everyone will show them warmth and support.  Here we go on the final lap of the 21-22 school year!

I would like to provide a general update on our continued pandemic countermeasures for the remainder of the school year.  With increased rates of community vaccination and an end to the quasi-state of emergency, during this final quarter of the school year, we will be transitioning back to more business as usual at HIS, meaning:

After school sports and clubs will continue

Classes will continue field trips around the community 

Visitors to campus are welcome, with appointment/temperature check / mask

Our timelines for quarantine (in case of close contact or a case of C19) will align to the newly revised government protocols (so generally, in cases where government guidelines and the original HIS guidelines seem to conflict, the government guideline will take precedence)

The risk of class closures has decreased significantly (the regulations we need to follow are somewhat looser, meaning a single case in a class does not necessarily mean 5 days online), but the possibility is there, and case counts remain relatively high. After consultation with peer schools and medical advisors, and for the remainder of the school year we will continue with some basic pandemic safety measures, including:

Use of masks at all times 

Health/temperature checks before entering the building

Stay home when ill

No overnight field trips for the remainder of this school year 

Thank you for your continued support, and if you have any questions at all please reach out.  

Enjoy the spring sunshine!

All my best,

Tim Schlosser
Head of School
Hokkaido International School

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