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A Day in the Life of MP2
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What’s the typical day in an MP2 student’s school life like?


A Day in the Life of MP2

Words: Luka Popovic

Photos: Karen Kitagawa, Luka Popovic, J. Brown

Video: Karen Kitagawa

What is MP2?

Situated within the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Mile Post 2, or MP2 for short, is represented by grades 2 and 3. Following HIS's strong belief in the power of peers through multi-age inquiry-based learning, students interact with classmates from their grade level and above. The diversity and inclusiveness create a fun learning atmosphere for all students. Students are encouraged to strive in creative aspects, and activities like sports and art are prospected to cultivate skills for the students. For example, ice skating trips let students have fun with their peers and learn new skills directly through trial and error, while the visit from the fire department provided a connection with the surrounding community as students learned about fire safety. Through such experiences, HIS's goal is to create a balanced expression of each other's skills in unity from different areas and cultures.

You can discover more about MP2 life by watching this video here or by viewing the photos below. Enjoy!

MP2 Experiences

  • Elementary
  • Experiential Learning
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