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The End of Year Concert 2023
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So many different colors and costumes, notes and styles, graced the HIS stage on May 26th, 2023. That day was our end-of-year concert.


A Kaleidoscope of Diversity

The End-of-Year Performance and Dance Party

by J. Pangier

Photos by Will Downer, Omar Kassem, H. Katayama

Program coordinator by W. Yong and Y. Sugino

Performances by the students

Dancing by the community

The Stage is Ready

Colors. So many different colors and costumes, notes and styles, graced the HIS stage on May 26th, 2023. That day was our end-of-year concert. It was the first time in three years since the Arts Pillar's signature performance happened with a broader audience. And this time, under the direction of Ms. Yong and Mr. Sugino—with stage, photography, videography, and lighting direction by Mr. Katayama—the performance happened at home. 

A Kaleidoscope of World Music

For months, the singers refined their singing, the dancers reformed their dancing, and the stage crew went through their parts in helping make sure all performers were in place and just the right lights were on to make the stars shine.

Angelic Choir Director

Months preceding the big day came with new purchases. Lights. Those same colored lights would highlight the diversity of students and world cultures and music that were to be represented through "Kaleidoscope of World Music: A Celebration of Diversity." 

Malaysian Lullaby

To honor the diversity, huge banners were constructed. The banners were designed by HIS's own budding designer Yeeun Hong and created by the HIS Arts Team. While the performers made up the foreground, they were framed by the huge tapestries hanging from the ceiling, creating stunning captures by the student photography and videography team.

William takes center stage

The show came with a wide diversity of performances ranging from the entrancing music of Ms. Yong's native Malaysia to North American jazz to angelic choirs to an African piece that featured a djembe. 

Soloing amongst the crowd

By the end of the end-of-year concert, parents, students, and teachers were all amazed at the rich performance. But the show was not over. The concert was followed by the official and unofficially titled "dance party", which reminded me of a close family wedding reception. There was a dancing Husky, circles made up of students, parents, and staff—with even a small dance move by our head of school. The impromptu dance-offs and madhouse reverie was followed by a smorgasbord of food in the MPR.

Friday Afternoon Husky Fever!

The day left us with a satisfied feeling as we witnessed a return to the performances that had once been a part of the Husky lifeblood. Next season, we look forward to more joy, continued diversity, and music to fill the halls and hearts of the Huskies.

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