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Rem improving his moguls
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What's the difference between after-school activities at HIS and our sister school Sagara High School? Let's find out!


After-School Activities at HIS

Sharing Perspectives with Sagara High School

Written by Rem | 著作: 太田玲夢

Translated by Hinano | 翻訳: 増田久菜乃

Photos by the HIS Publications Team

**This article is part of a series of articles coming from the 2022-2023 HIS x SHS Exchange Club, a club that began in 2021 as a way to share school cultures between Hokkaido International School and Sagara High School.** For more information on the club, see "A Day in the Life of a Sagara High School (SHS) Student", "Closing the Gap: The 2022 Hokkaido International School (HIS) x Sagara High (SHS) School Exchange" and "The Makinohara Intercultural Exchange" among others. The goal of these articles is to share information about HIS and SHS as club members discover more about each other and their respective schools.**

In HIS, there are several after-school activities such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Some of the activities have many participants and are energetic while others only have a few participants and constantly face the threat of enclosure.

Kate James the founder of the school's Rock Band Club!

The rock club is getting popular at school nowadays. Students in HIS are always grateful for this environment and enjoy it enthusiastically. Extracurricular activities bring students unique experiences which might not be possible to obtain from normal classes. Although we have extracurricular activities like other Japanese public schools do, we uniquely conduct them. In this article, we’d like to share some interesting facts about how extracurricular activities are held in HIS.


First, we have a quite different system with after-school activities compared to Japanese schools. Each sport has its on-season and off-season, therefore, our after-school activities change seasonally. For example, basketball practices are only held between November and January of next year. Volleyball club practices from September to November. HIS aims to let students experience various sports throughout the year. We heard that in Japanese schools, each after-school activity is held actively throughout the year so that students can dedicate themselves entirely to one sport. We thought it was good to understand different policies for after-school activities both in SHS and HIS. 


Another unique custom we have in terms of after-school activities is that participation in practice is not strictly mandatory. We have the freedom to skip practices after school if we have proper excuses. Some of HIS students used to go to Japanese public schools and they say that coaches don’t tolerate students who skip practices often. On the other hand, when we tell coaches that we are skipping a practice, they usually approve. We thought that there is a different educational norm between typical Japanese schools and HIS, as a result, both ways of thinking should be respected.

In this article, we did a “compare and contrast” of extracurricular activities between HIS and Japanese schools. Of course, there is a possibility that we know little about Japanese schools so we’d like to know more. 

Rem improving his moguls

Skiing and snowboarding are both popular activities in Hokkaido. At HIS, we honor where we live through many outdoor activities and clubs, including our "nighta" ski and board club. Rem, the 2023 student leader, (also the author of this article) is improving his mogul skills! 



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