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Community Basketball ('22-'23)
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Rediscover the Huskies community through basketball.


Community Basketball

Huskies Community Rediscovered

Words: David Onadipe and Hanaë Hamazaki

Photos: Hanaë Hamazaki & Akito Dixon

Although community basketball has been a staple of Hokkaido International School — just like many things around the world — Covid-19 stopped the fun event. But with the slow decline of the virus, HIS decided late last year to bring community basketball back to our inner community. 

Senior Omar defends Alumn Sohta

This year, Athletic Director Justin Rankin supported and improved the community basketball night experience by narrowing the focus back to the high school level and above. Every Tuesday, a mixed roster of 10-20 high school students, teachers, parents, and alumni compete — full-court or half — enjoying fitness and a chance to socialize through sports.

Another advantage of community basketball is creating a venue for our younger players to get some further practice in a more relaxed environment. Last season, our basketball team was seasoned and strong, but with many veterans graduating, younger and less experienced players have needed to step up to the plate. Community basketball, combined with regular practice, has helped strengthen our team to be more competitive. We are appreciative to have this community venue to sharpen our skills and grow our experience. As a team, our main focus will be rediscovering our strength as a gelled and cohesive basketball team.

Grade 9 Joohye for Three

This year's basketball season (boys coached by Mr. Dan Stern; girls coached by Mr. Justin Rankin) is sure to bring with it a full range of emotions. Make sure to see how the story unfolds on our website in the coming weeks and months, and, any interested in joining our amazing, fit, and fun community on Tuesday nights from 6-8, can email Justin Rankin for more information about Community Basketball.

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