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Day in the Life of a HIS High School Student: Theo Brennan
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Sagara High School exchange students learn what it's like to be Theo Brennan for a day!


Day in the Life of a HIS High School Student

Written in English and Japanese by Theo Brennan

Photos by Akito Dixon

Hey guys! My name is Theodore Brennan, and I’m a freshman at HIS. In this article, I’ll be telling you guys what it’s like to be a high school student at HIS.

It was a B-day for me, so I had the Nature of Science class on the third floor for my first block. We are currently learning about Newton’s First Law of motion – inertia. We watched a video, took some notes, and did an experiment! Science class ended after we finished the experiment, so I headed to my next class on the fourth floor, Physical Education (P.E.).



In P.E. class we are practicing volleyball. So far, we have learned the serve, bump, set, block, and spike. We started off with an agility drill to get our blood pumping and did some serves and bumps to warm up. After we were ready, we separated into two teams and began a practice match! The practice match was very exciting, and it was a very close game, but my team hit the 25-point mark first and won. The clock struck noon, so now it was lunchtime! I headed to my homeroom, which is the art room on the third floor. I ate my lunch there and then headed to the gym for free time to play some basketball.


I was halfway through the day and had only two classes left! My next class was Pre-AP English, so I headed downstairs to the second floor. In Pre-AP English class, we had an essay assessment. I prepared for about 45 minutes and began the essay. I finished just as the bell rang and headed back to the third floor for my last class – Intermediate Japanese!


The Intermediate Japanese class began with a brief quiz on ten kanji. After the quiz, I rehearsed my presentation for my research on the effects of calcium in Japanese in front of the class because I had an upcoming presentation that I would have to present in front of Beginner and Advanced Japanese students. After each student presented, the final bell rang, and we wrapped things up and cleaned up the classroom. We finished sweeping the floor and wiping the tables, so we were dismissed to go home!


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