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Hokkaido International School believes in creating an environment that provides opportunities to grow academic skills, musical ability, the desire to help and serve others, and an appreciation for the outdoors. But at the base of everything is our community. 

Read about the support of our 2023-2024 sponsors!


For the Love of Our Sponsors

Main writing by Jared Pangier; sponsors provided their own words

Toward the start of the 2023-2024 school year, Hokkaido International School Sapporo Huskies ran up to the fourth-floor gym to howl "We are Huskies!" Students from ages 3 to 19 were decked out in lime green, daisy, blue, and pink. A week later, those same Huskies dashed around Makkomanai Park in their flashy new first official Husky shirt. This would have not been possible without the spring of 2023. It could not have happened without the support of our community, the PTA, or the love of our four sponsors: 

  • Holiday Niseko 
  • H2 Group 
  • Sun Trap, Inc
  • BananaArt 

As Hokkaido International School came through the pandemic in the spring of 2023, we turned back to rediscover who we are: a school that values the development of the whole person. With pandemic restrictions off, the Huskies began emerging beyond the school walls. They hiked mountains, they hit the bike trails, they surged down the ski slopes, they floated across fields of white on their snowshoes. The experience-based trips reminded us of our beautiful place and our own place in our surrounding world. The increase in events brought an idea back to the surface: an official shirt letting the world know that we are who we howl we are. Huskies. With that idea resurfaced, HIS reached out for support from our community. The school leadership gave their approval, the PTA provided support, and four companies stepped up. Our first sponsor even provided support for our 2022-2023 yearbook!

Holiday Niseko

Holiday Niseko, is excited to announce its sponsorship of the HIS yearbook and the first official HIS T-shirt. This collaboration reflects our commitment to the community and a shared belief in the importance of education in nurturing young minds. 

Our 2022-2023 Yearbook!

At Holiday Niseko, we recognize the vital role HIS Niseko plays in shaping the futures of our children. Sponsorship is our way of giving back and investing in the education of our local youth.

Holiday Niseko has been booking memorable holidays and providing property management and real estate services in Japan's premier winter destination of Niseko for over 16 years. Holiday Niseko promises an unforgettable experience year-round, with skiing, snowboarding, and a host of summer activities.


The half-page advertisement in our 2022-2023 yearbook.

For more information please visit

Our next sponsor also hails from Niseko, the location of our second campus.

H2 Group

H2 Group, the renowned leader in "Lifestyle Real Estate," proudly sponsors HIS, a local international school. With nearly 20 years of success in Hokkaido's Niseko and Furano regions, H2 Group seamlessly integrates real estate, project development, asset management, and hospitality services to help clients achieve their desired lifestyle goals and create lasting memories.

A merger of two well-loved brands Hokkaido Tracks and HakuLife, H2 Group's sponsorship of HIS reflects its commitment to supporting the community. With a diverse team originating from different countries, H2 Group recognizes the invaluable grounding presence of HIS in the lives of our children and its exceptional teaching staff. 

For more information about H2 Group, visit Together, we hope to be creating some sensational memories for HIS' students!

Our third sponsor is located close to our home campus, helping continue to educate the surrounding community.

Sun Trap Inc.

STEA Huskies Sponsor











株式会社SunTrapについての詳細は (をご覧ください

SunTrap Inc. operates five S.T. Nursery Schools in Sapporo, which are licensed by Sapporo City. SunTrap also operates ST English Activity (STEA), an English-language after-school care facility in Yamanote, Nishi-ku, Sapporo.

We believe that our mission is to provide the best environment for children who will be active on the global stage and who are expected to create their own future, so that they can develop the ability to live a strong life.

We collaborate with Hokkaido International School (HIS) in industry-academia cooperation to promote the activities of HIS and STEA.

HIS is the only accredited international school in Hokkaido and provides high-quality education.

The school offers a full range of unique activities, including an educational program that takes advantage of nature, a curriculum specializing in music and musicals, and other unique and appealing curricula that can only be experienced at HIS.

Each of them develops individuality and nurtures lively children.

We are very proud to be able to work with such a wonderful international school and be involved in the education of these children.

Together with HIS, we will continue to nurture children who will lead the world.

Finally, we would like to thank HIS for their continued cooperation in the operation of STEA.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude once again.

For more information about SunTrap Corporation, please visit (

The founder of our last sponsor resides even more at the heart of HIS as one of our Husky students. He is also a part of our student council.


BananaArt proudly sponsors HIS, an International School in Sapporo, Japan. 

BananaArt is an organization that fuels creativity and fosters connections. With five years of industry experience, we celebrate our journey as catalysts for inspiration. Originating from Shanghai, China, our roots are now firmly embedded in Sapporo, Japan, our vibrant headquarters embrace integrity and innovation. Through compelling newsletters and magazines, we curate captivating content that resonates with readers from all walks of life. Our mission is to ignite imaginations and spark meaningful conversations that transcend boundaries. Driven by the belief that diverse perspectives enrich society, BananaArt is dedicated to amplifying voices from all corners of the globe. Our publications serve as a medium for authentic stories, fresh ideas, and innovative solutions that inspire positive change. Embracing the spirit of "Vox Populi, Vox Dei" — the voice of the people is the voice of divinity — we champion inclusivity and the power of collective wisdom.

Our sponsorship of HIS reflects our unwavering dedication to uplifting and empowering the community

To learn more about BananaArt, pls follow us on Instagram (@bananaart_official) or on WeChat (@BananaArt香蕉艺术)

Once again, Hokkaido International School would like to express our sincere gratitude for our four 2023-2024 sponsors. They have brought color to our Huskies' life.

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