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Julie Arnoult  author and illustrator but a Husky forever !
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Julie Arnoult was a young girl with a vivid imagination who loved to draw. Especially comics. She created many characters that she frequently drew. One of them was a character she named `Sammy`. During her grade 4 year we encouraged her to create a weekly comic strip for the Husky XP. (in those days it was in paper format) This is when she realised that she really wanted to follow this passion. She continued to draw `Sammy` in this cartoon strip format for more than 4 years.  During her time at HIS, Julie had many good friends. She played in the basketball team and enjoyed snowboarding. She left in 2008 to study in Canada and then she moved to the UK where she graduated in A levels from Phoenix Collegiate in West Bromwich. Her university life was spent back in Japan at the International Christian University in Tokyo.
She has been living in Amsterdam for almost 6 years now. This city suits her easy-going lifestyle and is full of parks, museums, and coffee shops. She lives with her husband who oddly enough is a mathematician, a subject that truthfully Julie did not excel in! She has been working in a creative team and they have just published their first book `Mr. Patches is Bored` with a second book due out in October. Although she has been working on illustrating children`s books, she is very interested in the genre of magic realism and horror.
A busy young lady who has another side project which is her very first comic/graphic novel. We look forward to her completing that someday.
She reports to me that they are likely to move to Berlin later on this year.
We are so proud of what Julie has achieved in the literary world that started with that first seed of passion that grew from her very published character of `Sammy` in the Husky XP ... Follow your dreams!
The pics show Julie in her drawing studio and also her first published book.
See also a link to this book.


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