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Outdoor Pursuits: The Class
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Outdoor Pursuits captures the best part of the outdoors while teaching you how to survive in the wild.


Outdoor Pursuits

The Class (2022-2023)

Words: Roman Constantine

Photos: Roman Constantine and J.Pangier

I wanted to tell you what happens when you don’t get enough sun, but the symptoms were…scary, to say the least. Basic summary is your bones become all wibbly-wobbly like a 1930s animation. Instead of telling you all the symptoms, let me tell you about the way to prevent these symptoms! 

…*drumroll please*… 

   View from the top of Mt. Tarumae

Go outside! 

And here are some of the best classes to do so!

P.E.! One of the best ways to grow your muscles and cardio.

“But hold on! Isn’t this an article about Outdoor Pursuits?” I hear you say.

And you're right! We're not going to be talking about P.E. We're going to be talking about the best way to get sun in the most enjoyable way: Outdoor Pursuits! The O.P. Not only that but which one offers a better view? A gymnasium or the top of the mountain. (For the very best view of all time, picture fresh brownies being taken out of the oven — but I digress.)

View of OP Student Taking in the Tarumae Mid-station View

Outdoor Pursuits is good for you, with beautiful views and fresh air. It's refreshingly simple. The goal of Outdoor Pursuits is to teach students to appreciate the outdoors and the wonders of nature, so they can fully experience the view of a mountain. 

Outdoor Pursuits is taught by Mr. Dave Piazza, and I got the opportunity to speak with him about his class.

So how were you assigned to this class?

“I designed this class myself and gave a proposal to the administration. Luckily for me, it was approved”

Do you enjoy teaching this class?

   The OP Class Originator: Mr. P

“Yes! I enjoy this course because it gives the student a nice break from the academic classes and it helps the students have a better life and appreciate the outdoors.”

Are there any other big excursions this school year?

“Yes! we are going to do an all-day winter snowshoe and a spring camping trip”

Being in Mr. Piazza’s class has proven to be a fun experience for all — the assignments (and Mr. P's way of presenting such assignments) are fun and engaging for students.

Immersed in Toishiyama

So far, the class undertook many excursions, including the Toishiyama and Tarumae hikes. While all were equally awesome, the Tarumae trip was more awesome. But, truthfully, with each hike we take, we learn more about the nature around us. With many more excursions and hikes coming later this schoolyear (including an overnight!), there is so much to look forward to — and so much more to discover about the natural haven around us.

If you want a class that offers fun outdoor adventure, then be sure to add Outdoor Pursuits to your schedule next year. I can guarantee — 100 % — that you will have a fun time!

For more about the outdoor program at HIS, please visit

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