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Preparing to Serve the Community
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Service begins at home, researching needs and defining the project vision.


Preparing to Serve the Community

Student-Created Service Projects Lead Toward Huskies Week 2023

by J. Pangier

videos by Huskies HS students

**This post is a series, beginning with the post "Service Learning Designed by Huskies".

They say "Service starts at home." In the 2021-2022 school year, the HIS secondary students began the newly created student-centered service program by creating ways to serve our elementary students. Not only did students get to dip their toes into the service pool but they also got to connect with some of the youngest members of our school. 

This year our project outreach has expanded, ranging from a seminar on well-being and the impacts of consumerism to organic farming in Kytoto to planting trees down south. From the close reaches of Sapporo all the way to Kyoto and Okinawa please take a glimpse at our six Huskies-created preservice videos, arranged from north to south.

Combatting Climate Change

Battling consumerism with Marie Kondo's "Joyism" approach

Ways to be Well

Learning about farming and nutrition in Niseko Japan

Organic farming in Kyoto, Japan

Understanding culture through English and beautification in Okinawa, Japan

Be sure to check back in early June to see how these six service projects are taking shape to meet the community needs!


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