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Publications and Promotions: Reporting for the Community, by the Community
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Who better to promote the Huskies community than the community?


Publications and Promotions

Reporting for the Community, by the Community

Text: Publications Chief Editor Kate James

Photos: H. Katayama, J. Pangier

Publications has been a class at HIS since anyone can remember. Each year students across the high school grade levels join the editorial team and work to produce a memorable yearbook. This year a new teacher has taken the task of guiding these students through the publishing process: Mr. Pangier! Mr. Pangier in his first year teaching Publications saw an opportunity to do more. Alongside working on the yearbook students are assigned promotion projects to upload on the school website (where you’re reading this!), Youtube, Instagram, and even Twitter. 

At the beginning of this school year the HIS website was barren with no new content and had grown disorganized, but with the work of Mr. Pangier’s editorial team and HIS’s very own tech wiz Mr. Katayama the website has seen new life that will only continue to grow. The goal of putting out HIS life content is to brighten the image of HIS and show potential students what it’s like going to Hokkaido’s only accredited international school. The results of this class effort have been seen through the increased number of active website visitors, which has seen a steady rise since the start of the school year. In February 2023 alone, HIS had 4,977 active users to the website, 1.5 times more than last February. Many prospective students and parents have also commented on activities they found through our website and social media, citing what they discovered online about the school as one of the main reasons for pursuing the school.

So far this year students have reported on HIS reads, club activities, school trips, and many more events. These reports were made alongside other projects such as videos like the “Day in the Life” series (check out our most popular: "A Day in the Life of a Dorm Student") and some specially planned homepage upgrades, still a work in progress that we hope will become evergreen content attracting more active users and future Huskies to our school.

If you're here reading this article — thank you for supporting publications efforts to share our school's community! We as a team hope to continue putting out great content for years to come. 

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