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Rock Club: A Celebration of Rock Music
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Rock club was born in March of '22 and we hope the music will play on via this club until eternity.


Rock Club

A Celebration of Rock Music

By Roman Constantine & Kate James

In the final stretch of the 2022 school year, a new club was brought to HIS: Rock Club. In the beginning, it was only meant for guitars, formerly called Guitar Club, but as the band found its footing, club founder Kate James decided it was better to include any and all instruments its members were interested in. The club was born on Kate’s first day after arriving at HIS in March 2022. While helping Ms.Yong with the husky WOOF event in the music room, she asked Ms.Yong if there was a guitar club available at HIS. And when Ms.Yong’s answer was no, Kate asked if she could start one. From those words, a rock club was born. 

   The Club Founder: Kate James

Hana Katayama, Ena Kanai (‘23), and Masashi (‘22) brought their musical skills to create a founding band. This group with music teacher Ms.Yong and HIS’s technology mastermind and drummer Mr. Katayama put together a set list to perform for the end-of-the-year musical showcase. The performance was an amazing experience for the band. Having students from the audience sing along made it a day to remember. 

This year Kate is a 12th grader and started the club up again. After gaining some recognition after their performance, the club has more members than ever and is working hard every Wednesday after school to prepare for any future showcase opportunities.

This year, on November 5th, 2022, HIS will be hosting a fall festival, one that has not been hosted in 2 years, in which the rock club will be performing 2 songs: I Fell in Love with a Girl by The White Stripes, and Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. If you’re free during the festival please stop by to watch! 

Let’s hope that rock club can keep on rocking, even after its members graduate!

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