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Sari’s Next Chapter: Cancer Research
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What amazing thing could Huskies '22 alumna Sari Hirata be up to now?


Sari’s Next Chapter

Cancer Research 

Words: Karen Kitagawa and Hanaë Hamazaki

Editing: J. Pangier

Photos: Sari Hirata (Class of '22)

Following “Sari’s perfect score” in high school (AP Capstone: Research), we discover that Class of '22 Sari Hirata has advanced to the next step in her Todai life: cancer research. 

Cancer research is basic research that aims to understand how cancer starts, grows, and spreads. This knowledge is an essential starting point for developing future tests and treatments. Currently, Sari is in the environmental science program at the University of Tokyo, allowing her to continue her interest in research, including labs. 

From a young age, Sari wanted to work in a lab. And so, when it was time to select her courses and when Sari found lab work as one of the options, she jumped at this chance. Fortunately, Sari's image of lab work seems to have matched her experience. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that, she says, “I just continued going to the lab almost every morning before class.”

In the lab, Sari got to work with actual cancer cells, which were fascinating. During the research, she performed whatever the researchers told her to do. For example, she did things like PCR (read for more), creating vectors, and gel electrophoresis; she also does immunofluorescence staining on cell cultures with the researchers.

And while Sari truly enjoys all of the "more serious" aspects of lab work, she also finds excitement in getting to wear a lab coat and have her own desk. 

We are thrilled to hear about your current chapter, Sari, and are waiting for more adventures to come. And, if you're ever on the northern island of Hokkaido, please don't be a stranger. 

As our graduating dog tags state, "Once a Husky, always a Husky!"

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