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Sophia’s Fantastic Score during the U18 Hockey World Championship
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What is it like to compete in the U18 Hockey World Championships? Ask Alumna Sophia Odermatt!


Sophia’s Fantastic Score

The U18 Hockey World Championship 

Words: Karen Kitagawa and Hanaë Hamazaki

Photos used courtesy of the International Ice Hockey Federation

Celebrating after her fantastic score!

This January our own Husky alumna Sophia Odermatt attended the ice hockey U18 women’s world championship. She attended HIS for much of her youth, spanning EY all the way to 9th grade. Now she is in 10th grade attending the Ontario Hockey Academy. At the tournament she played three games, one against Switzerland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. As it was her first time at an international level tournament she was very excited, it was her dream to compete for the Japanese national team. In the tournament she had the opportunity to play with other world-class athletes.

   MVP Award

« The other teams were all taller than most of my teammates so it was really hard playing against them but I had a lot of fun. »

At the beginning of the championship, she had a little difficulty as she had to overcome the concussion she had a few months ago restricting her from training.

« I was really excited to go on the ice and play with my teammates and it was sooooooo fun. » 

But in her last game, she was able to show her amazing talents. Despite the championship being her first international-level competition she was able to score. Out of all the games her last one was the best she played.

« My best game was the last game when I played against Switzerland. I scored one goal and got MVP of that game. It felt great. » 

From this championship, she mentioned that she learned the importance of daily training that she did in order to stand in this position of the world championship.

« Never give up, on something you really love. Hard work pays off! »

Even though she did good play in the game, she still reflect on ways to improve: 

« If I have another opportunity, I will have more confidence and get more scores for my team. »

This opportunity made her aware of her successful training and the importance of this life-changing experience.

From HIS, we wish Sophia all the best in her future, Hockey and otherwise. 

   Sophia about to score!

   Teammates congratulating Sophia after her goal.

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