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The 3rd Annual HIS Chess Tournament
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Can Taishidorzhe Ogawa Pull off a Three-peat in Chess?


The 3rd Annual HIS Chess Tournament

Editor: Omar Kassem

Reporter: "Daniel" Rong Chuan Shen

Photographers: Omar Kassem, David Onadipe, Daniel Shen (feature image), J.Pangier

**To learn about the Chess Club Origins, read How Chess Went from Procrastination to a Club.**

The HIS Chess tournament has officially come to an end. The chess tournament was an impressive display of chess excellence which saw Huskies ranging from 6th-grade students to seniors who competed for the top spots in the competition. The event was held over the 3rd quarter, and it was an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their strategic skills and tactics on the chessboard.

Back to back to back champion Taishidorzhe Ogawa, a junior, proved his skill and experience once again, finishing the tournament with an unbeaten record. He first started his dominance in the game when he beat graduate, Lucas Cameron three years ago. His performance in the final match against Remu Ota, a senior, was particularly impressive. Remu, an outstanding chess player was beaten 2-0 by Taishi. Despite Remu's effort, Taishi's skill, strategic play, and overall experience gave him the edge. It was a well-deserved win for Taishi, who has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the chess community in our school.

Eighth-graders Aidan Brown and Griffin Cooke tied for fourth place, displaying impressive performances throughout the tournament. Aidan and Griffin have been friends since their early years, and the two have been reluctant to play a competitive match due to their friendship. After communication with principal Mr. Cooke, both students agreed to forego the game, treasuring their friendship above the win. Mr. Cooke awarded each of them 4th place, honoring their sportsmanship.

The HIS Chess Tournament was organized by the school to promote the game of chess among the students and provide them with an opportunity to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The tournament was a great success, with students demonstrating their skills and competing against their peers in a friendly and competitive environment. The tournament not only provided a platform for the students to showcase their skills but also helped them build confidence and camaraderie, which are essential for their overall development.

In conclusion, the 3rd Annual HIS Chess Tournament was a success. It provided HIS students with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and compete against their peers. Congratulations to all the participants, winners, and top performers of the HIS Chess Tournament!

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