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The Student-Teacher Connection at Sagara High School
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What's the student-teacher connection like at a smaller high school in Makinohara, Japan?


The Student-Teacher Connection at Sagara High School

A Perspective from the HIS x SHS Exchange Club

Originally created by Sagara High School Students: Mei Sasaki - 佐々木 芽衣, Rina Suzuki - 鈴木 理菜, Suzu Suzuki - 鈴木 すず, Kurebayashi Mizuki - 榑林瑞季, Ayana Okidate - 沖館 彩菜

Reviewed and Revised by HIS Students: Ena – 金井映奈, Kate – ケイト・ジェームズ

**This article is the second in a series of articles coming from the 2022-2023 HIS x SHS Exchange Club, a club that began in 2021 as a way to share school cultures between Hokkaido International School and Sagara High School.** For more information on the club, see "A Day in the Life of a Sagara High School (SHS) Student","Closing the Gap: The 2022 Hokkaido International School (HIS) x Sagara High (SHS) School Exchange" and "The Makinohara Intercultural Exchange". The goal of these articles is to share information about HIS and SHS as club members discover more about each other and their respective schools.**

Smaller Class Sizes

Sagara High School has a relatively small number of students compared to other high schools, but there are many good points unique to the small number of students. One of the biggest is the close relationship between students and teachers, and due to the small number of students, teachers are able to watch over each student. 相良高校は、他の高校と比べると比較的生徒数が少なく、しかし生徒数が少ないならではのいいところがたくさんあります。そのうちのひとつは、生徒と先生との距離が近いことで、生徒数が少ない分、先生は生徒一人一人をよくみてくれます。

Teacher Characteristics | 相良高校の先生の特徴

The teachers at Sagara High School are basically kind, strict when necessary, and always give accurate advice. Teachers have been known to support students during events and when deciding what course to take. Students of Sagara High School are lucky to live surrounded by such great teachers. 相良高校の先生方は基本優しく、時に厳しく、いつでも的確なアドバイスをくれます。行事のことや進路の決定も、生徒主体で先生がサポートしてくださいます。そんな素敵な先生方に囲まれて生活しているのが相良高校の生徒です。

Career and Study Support | 進路・勉強での関係

There are also teachers who go to the library to help students, thinking of those in particular who use the library to study for regular tests and exams. Students at Sagara feel that the close proximity between teachers and students creates a good relationship and a good atmosphere. Also, students feel free during presentations and when asking questions during class in order to learn lessons in depth. The teachers are all very interesting and tend to have a lot of chit-chat during class. 昼休みや放課後に分からなかった問題の解説をして貰う人や、自分の将来に関する相談をしている人をよく見かけます。また、定期テストや受験などの強をするために図書室を利用する人の事を思って図書室に足を運び生徒の手助けをする先生もいらっしゃいました。先生と生徒の距離が近いからこそ良い関係や空気が作れていると思います。また、授業中も発表や質問がしやすく、より深く授業を学べます。授業中に雑談で盛り上がることもあり、とても面白い先生方ばかりです。

Activity Involvement | 行事での関係

Especially during school festivals, the closeness between students and teachers can be seen. At school festivities, teachers often come out and dance with the students during the third year dance performances. There is also a club activity exhibition at the school festival, so there are times when teachers and students work together as shopkeepers for the club activity exhibition. This helped to foster a close student teacher understanding. At Sagara’s sports festival, teachers also participated and competed head-on with the students.

After school, some students go to talk to their teachers about the events of the day, while others compete one on one with their teachers in club activities.

All of these opportunities are what create the bright atmosphere at Sagara!






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