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We learned about the HIS monthly virtues

Kate, Hanna, and Aina from the high school student council came to talk to the EY class about virtues, and in particular this month's virtue, unity.  The EY children did a wonderful job at listening to their explanation and even though they may not have grasped the concept or even remember the word "unity", they understood that it is about being together, like a family.

Writing messages to friends and family

Last week we introduced a desk in our classroom with many writing materials and fun things to add to our writing: stickers, shiny tape, fun hole punchers, and more.  The children have really enjoyed working in that area of the classroom and using all the tools to create messages for their families and friends.  A playful way to encourage mark-making and literacy skills with our young learners.

What can we make?

We recently received some large boxes and then we asked the children what they would like to make with them.  All of them replied: "A house!"  Then they said "a cat house", "a dog house", "a mouse house", and more.  Those who were interested were invited to create drawings of these houses to give the group an idea of what they envisioned. In the coming weeks, we will further explore these ideas and create a plan for our boxes.

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