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Workout Club: North Island Dumbbell
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Join us for a workout in the revitalized weight room!


Workout Club: North Island Dumbbell

by Hanaë Hamazaki, Akito Dixon, and David Onadipe


With the outstanding renovation of the weight room this year, HIS rediscovered the joy of weight training and conditioning. A new generation of young Husky athletes has taken part in North Island Dumbbell Club, a workout club where Mr. Fazio trains a group of young warriors after school every week (shifted to Tuesdays since quarter 2).

During an interview with Mr. Fazio, he said that the club participants are very supportive of each other and have great teamwork — they grow to be stronger together. As the club leader, Mareto gives a lot of support to other members.

Students from grade 7 and up can join this club.

Student leader Mareto curling next to Luke on the benchpress

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