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2023’s First Elementary Assembly and The CSI Expo
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Explore forensic science and more through the Elementary 2023 Assembly and CSI Expo.


2023’s First Elementary Assembly and The CSI Expo

Words and Photos by Kiyo Shichida and Luka Popovic

Shortly after Winter Break, Elementary had its first assembly of 2023. Mr. Scholsser gave a speech to all the elementary students welcoming them to the start of a new year. Students from all classes presented performances to both students and attending parents.

EY sang and gave a choreographed performance for a song called Snowman, followed by MP1 who sang Yuki and, later, presented about safety with electricity.

MP2 then presented their service projects, called mobile maker spaces. The purpose of this project was to bring light toward creating solutions to fix problems in the adjoining community.

As with prior assemblies, the purpose of all the presentations was to show student growth and learning and provide space to discover, rediscover, and refine talents throughout the month leading up to the assembly. 

After the assembly came the CSI Forensic Science Expo, presented by the MP3 students. The students displayed their learnings about forensic science on posters, along with interactive activities to assist their visuals. Among their presentations were booths about voice recognition, fingerprinting, friction, chromatography, and pH testing. Through their research, the MP3 Huskies explored a hidden facet of aspects of not only crime solving but of perception in daily life.

Students were encouraged to roam around the MPR and experience projects made by other classmates. Both parents and teachers learned from these booths and experienced what the children were learning.

Through the CSI Expo, our elementary classes were given the opportunity to express ideas that interested them, and we will be looking forward to seeing their new ideas in the coming years!

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