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Discover Curiosity Through Art: An IMYC Entry Point
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Curiosity takes over the middle school at the Sapporo Museum of Modern Art. 

Discover Curiosity Through Art

An IMYC Entry Point

Words: Hanaë Hamazaki & Jared Pangier
Photos: Nick Fazio

Do you know who you really are? Does anyone know? Through curiosity, we can discover the world around us, and middle schoolers started discovering art. On September 6th the whole middle school went to the modern art museum in Sapporo. The 7th and 8th graders went there for their Curiosity: The desire to know more drives exploration and aspiration​​​​​. The sixth graders joined them to pursue their own big idea of Discovery: Finding out new things is a human driver and affects things for better and worse.

Most students enjoyed the trip for various reasons, from spending time with friends to enjoying sketching to appreciating the artwork of others.  The majority of the group enjoyed the glass art the most because it was different from the normal art you see. 

The entry point served as a way to discover what drives human creativity forward; it served as a catalyst to discover their inner artist and to get inspired by local art. This inspiration has been transformed into student-made art. The students will display their creativity at the student-centered art show happening this week on November 2nd from 10:30. The art show is open for parent guests.

We hope to see you there!

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