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Fall Festival 2022: Culture Through Food and Music
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Our long-awaited revival of the Fall Festival culminated with the fourth-floor culture fair!


Fall Festival 2022

Culture Through Food and Music

Words by:  William Downer 

Photos by: William Downer & Omar Kassem

Culture-Rich Cuisine

The Fall Festival reintroduced a variety of attractions. One of the most fascinating and enjoyable was the culture fair on the fourth floor, where uniqueness was celebrated. Each of the respective cultures’ booths was decorated with their flags and other traditional art from their country, painting the whole room with a myriad of colors. Another way the booths celebrated their uniqueness was the food, ranging from traditional Mexican cuisine to hot Korean dishes, served to visitors in exchange for a few tickets. 

   MP2 Choir

Along with international refreshments, the fourth floor was also home to the school’s stage. This year, the stage welcomed a range of student performers, including the school’s jazz band, choir, and the newly re-introduced rock club. 

MP2 choir began the performances with the song “Music is Fun”. Despite some initial nerves, the prodigious singers passionately sang in front of the gathering crowds, serving as a wonderful introduction to the shows. 

   Secondary Choir Energy 

Next up was the secondary choir, who performed the highly animated and upbeat song “Jambo Karibu Kwa Afrika”. The song consisted of a back-and-forth chorus between the performers and the crowd, which helped cultivate the high spirits and energy of the festival visitors and facilitators alike. 

   The Jazz Band

Having practiced the song “Brazil” since the start of the semester, the jazz band shined brightly in their live performance of the song, which was enjoyed immensely by the visitors. Their hard work paid off.

To conclude the fall festival, the rock club played their first debut song, “Fell In Love With A Girl” by The White Stripes, a highly energetic but brief song that served wonderfully to bring the day’s performances to a close. This performance was just a precursor to their anticipated winter festival performance, where they will be back on stage performing several songs.

Next holiday season our stomachs look forward to more cultural through food just as our ears anticipate more performances from our talented students!

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10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Hokkaido International School
1st & 4th Floors

Please enjoy these International flavors and experiences with your family and friends.

※Proceeds from this event will go into the PTA fund.


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