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Fall Festival 2022: Friendly (and Sustainable) Competition
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The fall festival was back — after a three-year hiatus — with friendly (sustainable) competition through student-led activities.


Fall Festival 2022

Friendly (and Sustainable) Competition

Words: Omar Kassem & Will Downer

Photos: Will Downer & Omar Kassem

Ring tossing for prizes

The 2022 Fall Festival saw the debut of various engaging activities run by the students themselves. The activity booths were separated into work groups based on elementary grades and ensured that each student was able to help facilitate and participate in the individual activities as guests arrived to enjoy the festival.

   A close match of poker

Among the most popular activities was the faux poker table, run by the 11th-grade students, where students and guests would compete in real games of poker to win the much-sought tickets that were used throughout the festival at all of the activity booths. The table presented an opportunity for any skilled player to walk away with their pockets brimming with tickets, but also for new and old players alike to enjoy a few rounds of poker and some friendly competition despite the outcome of the game. 

Another popular activity was the prison, which was run by the 12th-grade students. Guests could pay a number of tickets to the prison ‘secretary’ in order to ‘arrest’ another specific guest for a specific amount of time depending on how many tickets were paid. The prison was constructed by the seniors themselves from planks of wood, decorated mirrors, paper, and bean bags to ensure the prisoners were comfortable. 

Prison guards watch over the convicts

   Sharpshooting at the range

The 2022 Fall Festival set out to establish new ideas and keep newcomers engaged and entertained. The new activity booths accomplished this goal perfectly, and new ideas are already being formed in order to ensure that next year’s fall festival is just as fresh as this year's! 

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