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Inquiring into messages.

For some time now, we noticed some of the children were interested in creating messages for people they care about.  For our youngest learners, they convey their messages through drawing while our oldest ones use their knowledge of letters and sounds to attempt writing words along with their drawings. This interest led to our most recent inquiry into messages.  

For our younger students, we introduced the idea of messages by sharing some drawings they had done for teachers and asked: "Why did you draw this message for Ms. Bossaer/Ms. Anne?".  After hearing their responses, we asked them to make a new drawing for someone they care about.

For our older students, we asked two questions: 

Why do you write messages?
"Because I love my mom"
"Because I like Lisa"
"When someone gives you something"

How can you share messages with others?
"A heart means I love you"
"I wrote my name"
"A sun means I like you"
"Write the words"
"Maybe we can make a rhyming song"

After the initial introduction we continued to explore different types of messages, like thank you messages and, more recently, New Years messages.

For the holidays, we are planning to create “Nengajo” (New Years postcards).  We will be going to visit the post office to mail our postcards.


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