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MS Cross-Country Skiing: An IMYC Entry Point
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What better way to discover Hokkaido than through the birch-tree corridors of Takino’s cross-country skiing courses?


MS Cross-Country Skiing

An IMYC Entry Point

Text: Theo Brennan

Photos: W.K. Yong, N. Fazio

The sky was a bright shade of blue, with clouds surveying everyone from above. The sun shined like a lightbulb in the sky, with the snow reflecting its bright rays like a mirror.

On February 16th, 2023, the middle school Huskies of HIS went to Takino to go cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing was a new experience for the majority of the middle schoolers, but after crashing into the soft snow a few times, everyone eventually got the hang of it.

Mr. Beatty, a teacher who went to cross country ski with the middle schoolers said, “I enjoyed watching students get better at cross country skiing. It can be difficult because the skis are so skinny and it's hard to keep balance, especially going down hill. I saw students fall a lot at the beginning, but then they learned how to get better.”

There were two courses that our students took; the 3 km Ezorisu trail and the 6 km Nousagi trail. There were many uphills, downhills, and curves in the courses, adding variety to them and making them more exciting.

Darius, one of the middle school student participants, said that cross-country skiing was way more fun than he had expected. He also said that he would definitely go again if he got the chance to.

Cross-country skiing gave the middle school students the chance to rediscover how beautiful Hokkaido truly is, and also the wide variety of cool activites that you can try out in Hokkaido!

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