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Prom 2023: The Roaring 20s
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May 31, 2023

If you weren’t at the prom, it doesn't mean that you can’t enjoy it.


Prom 2023

The Roaring 20s

May 31, 2023

Words: Alisa Stepanova

Photos: Kota Tsukamoto


Prom 2023: The Roaring 20s was held at Moerenuma Park, in the glass pyramid. High school students enjoyed it very much. They danced with each other, ate delicious food, and took pictures. 

While the prom committee started their Saturday around 9 am to prepare, most others arrived at the park at 4:15. 

Before eating, they went to the roof of the glass pyramid. It was much cooler than inside. From the roof, students could see a beautiful view of the park. Almost everyone was taking pictures.

Then dinner was served. Students carried plates full of food to the table; the food was good. There were mini hamburgers, salad, quesadillas, desserts, and chips with salsa; green curry, Caprese salad, and bread bowl salmon chowder. The catering was done by Ms. Kanai and appreciated by all. 

After dinner, it was free time. Many students went outside. Just at sunset, a huge fountain, 3 meters tall, appeared. It looked like a white pillar of water, and it was really beautiful.

After that, it was time to dance. Great music, friends around you, everyone dancing amazingly! The most memorable dance for many might have been Garyu Ide’s breakdance. After the dancing, some students performed live, including a lovely duet Kylee Wakamatsu and David Onadipe. Their voices were so clear that everyone just stopped talking and listened.

Tonight, everyone was beautiful and elegant. Especially Karen Kitagawa, who won first place for the most beautiful dress, and Aina Nishi-Strong who won second place. And the winners of the best couple were Omar Kassem and Miyako Cammack. 

To wrap things up, students cleaned the room and went to the bus. The ride home was filled with talking, laughter, and sharing pictures. This prom was unforgettable; full of music, fun, and friends. And though everyone eventually grew tired on the bus, all will remember this event for a long time.

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