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Season 1 Sports Schedule

The Huskies Athletics Department is excited to announce the schedule for Season 1 of sports at HIS. The schedule is attached to this message. 
HIS is a member of the Western Japan Athletics Association (WJAA), so we are operating on a similar 4-season schedule as our partner schools. We have made the decision not to travel to any tournaments in September, but we are optimistic that our student-athletes will have a chance to participate in WJAA events outside of Hokkaido in the Fall. 
All student-athletes will be required to submit a code of conduct form, which must be signed by a parent or guardian, so please review this document with your child when they bring it home. 
If you have any questions, please reach out through email ( or contact the school office at (81) 11-816-5000 to arrange a time to meet. 
Thank you for your enthusiastic and continual support of Huskies Athletics! 

Justin Rankin

2022/23 Athletics Practice Schedule_Aug-Oct_S1

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