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The 2023 Middle School Science Fair
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Parents watched with excitement as the middle schoolers walked them through their Science Fair work.


The 2023 Middle School Science Fair

Text: Yoji Clarke

Photos: N. Fazio

On the 27th of January, the 8th annual science fair led by Mr Fazio took place in the MPR of Hokkaido International School. For the first time in two years, parents came excited to watch and learn what their children are learning during science class. All middle school students worked hard for the past month to complete their projects. In this article, I asked Mr Fazio (the head teacher of middle school) and Darius (a student in grade 8), about their experience at the science fair. 

Y. Clarke interviews Mr. Fazio about his Science Fair hopes

Y. Clarke N. Fazio 
“What was your hope for the science fair?” "As a middle school science teacher I had the hope to create an environment that would foster curiosity, inquiry, collaboration, and communication among students, and ultimately help them develop a love of science.
“Were you happy with what you saw during the science fair?” “Yes, very”.
“What is the most important part of the science fair experience?” "I think the most valuable experience for students at a science fair is the opportunity to engage in the scientific process, communicate their ideas, gain confidence and self-esteem, collaborate with their peers, and explore their interests. These experiences can help students develop important skills and interests that will serve them well throughout their academic and future professional careers.

Y. Clarke interviews eighth-grader Darius Odermatt about his Science Fair experience

Y. Clarke D. Odermatt
“What did you learn from your science fair project?” "I learned that different exercises actually affect heart rate. What I found is that the more you do hard exercises, or intense workouts, the more heartbeats you get in a minute.
“What was the most challenging part of your science fair project?” “The most challenging part of my science fair project was doing the actual experiment to collect data. I tested my 4 friends at the same time, for my experiment. Instructing them to do different workouts, to see the change in their heartbeat.”
“Did you do anything differently from last year's science fair?” “Last year [grade 7], I learned about the relationship between density and mass, this year I learned how different exercises, affect the heart rate.”

Participating in a science fair can be a valuable and fun experience for many students. For teachers, teaching and working with the students to help them develop an experiment; and for students, a way to explore science in a more exciting and fun way.

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