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The Elementary Brain Expo 2022
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On September 27th, 2022, the elementary Huskies explored and rediscovered themselves in the brain expo.


The Elementary Brain Expo 2022

Words: Kiyo Shichida

Photos: Yoji Clarke, Toshi Gotoda, Ye Eun Hong, Kiyo Shichida

The human brain and senses are some of the most important things we use in our lives. Despite this, how much do most of us know about the way our brain and body work? The question of our mechanics is deep and complex, but to dive deeper we first need to learn to float. Self-discovery begins with the smallest of steps. And last week, after the first in-person elementary assembly in three years, Milepost 3 students displayed in a Brain Expo (presentation) their research on human senses and sensory systems. 

Elementary students crowd in front of a taste booth.

On the morning of Tuesday, September 27, nine booths were set up in the MPR in a U shape—each with a pair of MP3 students presenting. After organizing their research on a chosen human sense or trait (taste, hearing, memory, the nervous system, and mindfulness) they prepared an activity to teach their fellow students what they’d learned.

Discovering the mechanics of taste!


The Brain Expo began with a flurry of activity; students flocked to the booths like moths to a light. Buzzing with enthusiasm, the MP3 students guided their peers through a poster-assisted activity to pass on their newfound knowledge of the human senses. Migrating from flock to flock, each attending student steadily vacuumed information while unwinding and interacting with each other. Clearly, the intended purpose of the Brain Expo—letting students relax and have fun while learning—had been achieved. The vibrant positive energy in the atmosphere was palpable, letting the event be a smooth success—for not only the students but also the teachers and parents who attended.

Despite the short duration of the Brain Expo, the positive impact it had on the students’ learning and school life was markedly engraved in memory. Discovering one's self, which is often seen as a difficult or long path, happened so naturally, like a cloud forming or the sun rising. As HIS begins to gradually re-introduce activities after considering the current Covid situation, we hope to see more students enjoying the act of discovering themselves and their peers. Looking forward to a bright future full of exploration and discovery, the photos that follow are some of the scenes from the Brain Expo—hopefully the first of many as we all re-enter the world of mutual discovery after a long hiatus.

Ms. Anne and some of her EY students untangle the mysteries of hearing.

Exploring the sense used to enjoy music, hearing.

This booth’s topic was mindfulness, an abstract concept. Although not a concrete idea like the human senses, the presenters firmly grasped its essence.

Neurons, by Kanta Ono and Jung-hee Han. The poster color is electric pink, displaying careful attention to detail.

Memory, by Kowa Schlosser and Marcus Constantine. Unnoticed by the two, Mr Schlosser surreptitiously strikes a pose in tandem. His positioning just inside both students’ blind spots is remarkable.

Ayumu and Junsei, Nervous System. Again, Mr Schlosser is covertly but imposingly arranged. His posture resembles that of a sentry standing guard. Notice the impeccable spacing he creates between the two presenters and himself. His dedication to aesthetic positioning is commendable.

Mr Brown, MP2’s teacher, participating in discovery of taste.

Blind exploration of taste! As with all things, removal of distractions boosts one’s perception of what remains. Perhaps intentional, perhaps simply to prevent taste testers from guessing the flavor upon seeing the color of the spoon’s contents… which is it? This question may sadly remain unanswered, to be laid in the dust with many others.

Taste, by Hanako Clarke and Hinano Sakurada. Accompanied by tasteful color design, yellow. Of course, this is because yellow is the color associated with happiness, often an emotion intertwined with eating delicious food. Take note of the many illustrations drawn on the poster, painstakingly chosen and colored in a smattering of visuals that subtly draw the eyes like toppings on a pizza without distracting from the sweet cheesy goodness that is the information about the niceties of taste to be explored.

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