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The IMYC Exit Point Art Display & Exploration
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Get curious with the middle schoolers' art show: a display of creativity and discovery.


The IMYC Exit Point Art Display & Exploration

Curiosity and Discovery through Art and Research

By Omar Kassem

A kawara-roofed house created with a found-object style of printing

Following the middle schoolers' visit to the museum, where they got inspired by professional artists (read more on the IMYC museum outing), middle school students continued their discovery of art in an event held at HIS’s MPR on November 2nd. The middle schoolers learned two important keywords over the course of preparation: curiosity and discovery. As seen in a handcrafted poster that hung above the stage, curiosity was defined as the desire to know more about what drives exploration and aspiration. We can see this curiosity reflected in their artwork, the culmination of ongoing art-class efforts.

Exhibit on-lookers saw a variety of different techniques and art styles that the students used to portray their message. From styrofoam printing art to abstract art created from recycled materials, all the pieces had a uniqueness to them. Alongside their personal artwork, the middle schoolers showcased artists from the past that inspired them, such as Michelangelo and Dürer. There were multiple large posters representing the artists and showing off their greatest works. 

Inspiration through "Michelangelo"

Discovery, as defined by these artists, is finding out new things and discovering if they affect things for better or for worse. During this event, visiting teachers, parents, and students discovered something new, whether it be new artists, unfamiliar styles of art, or just simply a different side of the students. In the end, everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun.

It has been refreshing to have these community events back, as we all come together to celebrate learning, discovering, once again, what makes HIS special: our tight-knit, supportive Huskies community. And just as the middle schoolers were inspired by their museum outing, we, too, can find inspiration to rediscover our curiosities through the middle school art show. Here’s to many more rewarding discoveries to come!

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