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The Night of Mystery
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On September 30 middle school and 9th graders gathered to solve the murder of our beloved Husky. Students played different games to get clues to solve the murder.


The Huskies Night of Mystery

A Murder Mystery Social: Grades 6-9

Words: Hanaë Hamazaki

Photos: Toshi Gotoda

Humans need social interaction and to connect to people to survive. On September 30 HIS hosted its first social in a long time: The Murder Mystery event. 34 people from grades 6 to 9 interacted through a series of games including musical chairs, song association, and red light-green light. Their goal was to find clues to discover who murdered the Husky. Everyone was able to have a covid-safe, fun time. This event was also a way to rediscover how to host socials in a new way due to covid. And it turns out even our precious Husky needed social interaction to survive. 

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