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The November Elementary Assembly: Featuring the 2022 MP2 Entrepreneur Extravaganza
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Like a breath of fresh air, every assembly is different. Explore business and entrepreneurship with the MP2 Huskies at their Entrepreneur Extravaganza.


The November Elementary Assembly

Featuring the 2022 MP2 Entrepreneur Extravaganza

Text and Photos by Kiyo Shichida

November’s monthly elementary assembly was held on Tuesday 29. The assemblies serve as a way to show parents and students in other classes what the students have been up to. Like a breath of fresh air, every month is different, and each assembly brings a fresh experience as the cumulated events and discoveries in students’ activities find their benchmarks in the lives of parents and children. 

The November assembly began with a presentation about the EY Box Project, where Early Years students made a cardboard house after experimenting with different wall materials to decide which was most sturdy. The EY students’ discovery and exploration of concepts related to physics was shown in the presentation, and their learning and growth could be clearly seen.

The finished box house

Next, Mr. Sim taught the audience about happiness, using a children’s book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today? as an example. He taught that everyone has a (metaphorical) bucket and that happiness fills buckets, while sadness empties them. Through his method of teaching kindness, Mr. Sim taught the elementary students to fill each other’s buckets in addition to their own. 

   Have YOU filled a bucket?

Subsequently, MP1 presented their changes to the school’s lost & found, which had previously been a single plastic bin. Now, it has several baskets with different categories for lost items.

Come find your lost items!

The Entrepreneur Extravaganza

After the elementary assembly came the main event: the Entrepreneur Extravaganza, a learning experience about business conducted by the MP2 students. The MP2 students had made their own businesses leading up to the assembly, and now came the time to sell the products and services they made and offered!

Tickets were sold at 10 yen each and were used as currency at booths with different products and activities. Parents were able to see their children learning about business and entrepreneurship.

During the elementary assembly, the elementary students’ growth and discovery of various topics was shown. Through the Entrepreneur Extravaganza, MP2 students discovered and explored the concepts of entrepreneurship and business.

Elementary assemblies are held around once a month, so look forward to more exciting events and displays of growth and rediscovery!



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