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The Shiribetsu River Ducky Trip
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On September 17 students from grades, 8-12 took a bus and went all the way to Shiribetsu river to raft — Ducky style.


The Ducky Trip

Rubber Kayaks Richotet Down the Shiribetsu River

Words: Theodore Brennan

Photos: Akito Dixon

Video: Hanaë Hamazaki

Water splashing everywhere. Waves crashing into rocks. Boats slamming against each other. Students trying to tame their blue vessels. The every-other-year Ducky Trip (Duckys are the type of kayaks we used) disembarked down the Shiribetsu River of Niseko on September 17th.

The Shiribetsu River is a class II-III river, and its length is 126 km. It's known for being one of the cleanest rivers in Japan. Our grade 8-12 Huskies paddled down 5 km of this beautiful river, surrounded by nature. The sun was shining down, the river was sparkling, the weather was perfect, and we were all happily drenched. Everyone who went on the trip enjoyed the experience and hopes to go again in 2024. 

Enjoy a glimpse of our 2022 Ducky Trip through our very first student-created GoPro video!

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Join us for a Heartfulness Workshop December 4th with Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu. Mr. Murphy-Shigematsu is a psychologist and author in mental health, wellbeing, and diversity. He has been teaching and researching at Stanford University for 20 years as a faculty of the School of Medicine. You can learn more about Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu through his TED talks.



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