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Unleashing the Spirit of Discovery: Highlights from the MS Husky Artifact Fair
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Experience hands-on history with the middle school artifact fair!


Unleashing the Spirit of Discovery

Highlights from the MS Husky Artifact Fair

by "Daniel" Rong Chuan Shen (Class of 2028)

The middle school students—myself included—recently participated in an exciting Artifact Fair. This event was the culmination of the students' hard work and dedication over the past few weeks as they researched and created replica artifacts from various historical time periods.

The Artifact Fair was held in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room). Each student had their own display table where they showcased their replica artifacts, along with information about the historical significance of their chosen time period.

Artifacts included such things as weapons, jewelry, pottery, and household items. Students put in a great deal of effort to ensure that their replicas were as accurate as possible, using a variety of materials such as clay, wood, and metal. Many students even went the extra mile—creating their own tools to replicate the artifacts.

Parents, teachers, and other students were invited to attend the Artifact Fair and witness the hard work and dedication firsthand. From the visitors' reactions, they were impressed with the Artifact Fair, especially the level of detail put into each artifact, and the amount of research students conducted as they learned about their historical time period. 

The project that I did was a replica of propaganda from China’s cultural revolution. The propaganda depicted the Chinese people looking up to their leader during that period. I created this replica because I wanted to learn about the countries of my ancestors and what they might have lived through. When I created the project, I had multiple uncomfortable conversations with relatives back home in order to know more about the people’s point of view during that period of time.

Overall, The Artifact Fair was a great success and showcased the creativity, curiosity, and dedication of the middle school students at Hokkaido International School. This event was a great opportunity for the students to learn about history in a hands-on and engaging way, and to share their knowledge with others.

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